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Research Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Task - Research Paper Example It is an essential apparatus that comes in help in each field like training, correspondences and work. Investing energy in Internet is a profitable movement, yet on the off chance that the equivalent is done too much can prompt deterrents in the typical living example of the individuals. Web can present different gainful administrations to mankind yet when the utilization of this innovation turns crazy and turns into a fixation, and afterward an individual can pulverize his life. It can have so much negative effect on one’s life that one barely sees except if it gets past the point of no return. At the point when individuals talk with companions who are on line and mess around on net or bet on line they get accidentally engaged with the demonstration so profoundly that they overlook it’s antagonistic outcomes .This sort of acts transform into an impulsive activity that the Internet client never acknowledges it for long time The Internet dependent individual can numerous multiple times face trouble in staying reserved from Internet and before long get deceived to Internet compulsion issue. How Internet Addiction Occur Among People In today’s world, everybody draws in with Internet in spite of old enough, sex and area. Web has become such a piece of people’s life that at whatever point an individual is discouraged or focused on they approach Internet to inspire their state of mind. The Internet offer access to different sorts of open choices and amusement sources which makes individuals reduced in less time with least exertion. Every individual use Internet for different reasons and it is generally the long range interpersonal communication locales which make the individual dependent on Internet. The different visit locales like yippee, Msn and Google have made the lives of individuals simple in speaking with one another and finding new companions and beginning new connections. Web compulsion is likewise known for the sake of PC fixati on and various sorts of driving forces are associated with it. Individuals can utilize Internet to engage themselves with the assistance of numerous sites which spend significant time in games, motion pictures, person to person communication and betting. Utilizing g Internet for need isn't frightful, however in the event that this action expend additional season of people’s life, at that point it tends to be said that individual is dependent on Internet. â€Å"The reason why individuals become dependent on the Internet is immense. A few hypotheses to clarify dependence issue are established with conduct clarifications, psychodynamic and character clarifications, socio - social clarifications, and biomedical explanations†. (Duran).When individuals get a lot of associated with PC and disregard work, relationship and themselves then he is to be considered as an Internet dependent. On the off chance that individuals feel they can't live without Internet and finds no an ide al opportunity for different exercises of their life then he is dependent on the Internet totally. At the point when individuals are driven by undesirable sentiments and unpleasant circumstance they are less inclined to realize whom to way to deal with improve their circumstance and resort to PC. In such a circumstance they discover PC as their closest companion and begin enjoying engaging locales gave by web world. At the point when individuals use Internet they get alleviated from unpleasant issues looked by them and get a relieving and ameliorating delight from it. Contrary sentiments like forlornness, discouragement, nervousness and despondency are mitigated when individuals get associated with Internet. Another significant factor is that PC is an effectively open electronic contraption and individuals can work it absent a lot of trouble. They scarcely think about whatever other alternative when PC is

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Event Management for Theoretical Overview of Sustainability Strategy

Question: Talk about theEvent Management for Theoretical Overview of Sustainability Strategy. Answer: Occasion Management As per Jones (2014), occasion the executives alludes to the apparatus of task the board to the structuring and creating of large occasions like celebrations, parties, meetings, shows or services. Occasion industry is presently comprehensive of numerous types and size of occasions beginning from a little occasion like conference to as large as an Olympic. The vast majority of the ventures, non-benefit association and premium gatherings grasp occasions for promoting, creating relationship or fund-raising. Figure 1: The Event Management System (Source: Stoyanova, 2017) Advancement Overtime Occasion the board is a work that is most inclining for as far back as scarcely any years. According to Abdelhak, and, (2014), this idea isn't new for the business sectors; this open door was there for quite a while anyway the fact of the matter is that now organizations have offered center to the offered administrations. Activities of present day business are enormously affected by organization occasions so employing an occasion the board firm currently bodes well. In the majority of the circumstances, it is commonly huge for the complete achievement of the occasion which is been arranged, as the organization who is keen on sorting out the gatherings doesn't contain fundamental experience and affiliations which guarantee achievement. The ideal model is the occasion business as far as change, advancement eager. Experiential occasions or the occasions that empower a chance to visitors to include are currently procuring prominence extra time. Occasion Management as a Strategic Tool Appropriate Planning Guarantee According to the perspectives on Quintal, and, (2016), occasion director must guarantee that each viewpoint in regards to the courses of action is done successfully and appropriately. Time is earned as the occasion organizers comprehend what they precisely need to do and the complete arranging procedure will took care of as per that way which will result capable. Dealing with The Entire Arrangement playing out the arrangement successfully is given the most concentration while sorting out an occasion. For organization occasions, it is perplexing to make every single basic course of action (Masterman, 2014). Specialists are thought about the finish and arranging of an occasion so that fulfills the requirements of customer. According to the perspectives on Watson, and, (2015), if there is any issue with respect to occasion, the organizer can unravel it in a compelling way. Guaranteestaking about corporate occasions, it is essential to consider at the period of arranging. Occasion the board business which performs well will give an assurance that each and everything will be done appropriately and successfully, as far as requirements and needs of customer. On the off chance that the occasion the board works with experts there will be no hindrances in making incredible progress. This sort of assurance can just given is the occasion organization is locked in with experts. Various manners by which an occasion can upgrade an entire business An occasion incorporates brand studying, focusing on crowd, arranging idea of occasion, and working together specialized viewpoints, before beginning the occasion (Cashman, 2016). Arranging and joint effort procedure of occasion is for the most part implied as arranging of occasion and that is comprehensive of booking, area determination, planning, transportation, acquiring required grants, stopping, speaker course of action, improvement, providing food, teaming up with gatherings and reinforcement plans. Pushing ahead, so as to get enhanced accomplishment in this industry one needs to perceive the relationship, an alternate degree of achievement in the occasion business will be made by the individuals who welcome the association with innovation, when contrasted with the individuals who depend upon it. D R I V E Event Design Program On the off chance that occasion organizer wants to drive business development and appreciate serious edge, they are required to perform effectively and adequately. Further they should guarantee that they continue considering past outcomes by continually animating their occasion thoughts with advancement and inventiveness. For driving better outcomes and accomplishing wanted objectives, occasion organizers must do anticipating their future development, their opponents while remembering the DRIVE technique. D-Define-Defining the destinations and expansive blueprint of the targets to be accomplished in the occasion. According to the assessment of Ezeuduji, (2015), this may incorporate making a full evidence plan thinking about all the significant variables. This may incorporate what occasion is should have been dealt with, the reason for the occasion, the size and level of the occasion and all the subtleties that may go into a powerful direct of the occasion. Different variables that are should have been thought of while arranging any occasion have been portrayed in detail later in this report. R-Research: occasion organizers must research about the exercises of their rivals. The customer of an expert corporate of occasion the board can be considered as a contender as generally by the authorization allowed by the companys customer says that the occasion can be promoted in the magazines, online stages and can be shown in the honor winning rivalry of the business. I-Innovate: occasion directors must work with providers having incredible experience and specialists who have done well in serving exceptional work. These can help occasion chiefs to plan and serve better crucial vision. While remembering that, convey the best at the first run through as there are no renewed opportunities to make it right once more (Peachey and, 2014). Occasion the board or chief must cooperate with group, sharing of new thoughts and creative mind that can charm the blasts and will additionally help with understanding an arrival on venture. V-Visualize: according to the assessment of Siano (2014), setting of targets and destinations is an absolute necessity step which must be considered before beginning the occasion. Consider each and everything that will offer a chance to meet the objectives and by which implies one can layer them in a request to produce incredible outcomes. Imagining openings in the business can be made through playing out the business tasks adequately and being readied at this point proactive which will at last drives business development and achievement. E-Execute: the occasion arranged so far is executed in exacting terms in the variables characterized previously. In the event that adequate time and exertion has been contributed while arranging and arrangement, the outcome must be that the occasion runs easily. The occasion director must have an agenda of undertakings with all around depicted time periods; this helps with keeping the occasion on target. Powerful correspondence is crucial to guarantee the occasion continues according to the arrangement. In reasonable, there would consistently be minor troubles and difficulties, which might be unexpected. In any case, a large portion of these must be thought of while arranging and alternate courses of action must be planned to address issues of this sort. During the occasion, it is must to recognize the commitment of staff, volunteers and supporters. Beginning Stage of Event Management As indicated by the assessment of Lee and, (2016), while sorting out a major scale occasion, arranging is the most noteworthy stage to consider. This stage requires appropriate administration and considering all the potential situations. Experts have full experience with respect to what must be given legitimate consideration, all the more significantly; experts have suitable associations with complete the work at the most sensible rate. Experiential Events are tied in with executing occasion arrangements which are powerfully occupied with all these predetermined five detects capacity to contact, see, hear, taste and smell. From design of the occasion to the taste, there must be an extraordinary encounter for visitors of occasion, as that it viably engage them with occasions message and tosses a decent idea with legitimate plan. It should unquestionably detect the restrictiveness of the facilitated occasion and experience they are required to create for their visitors (Gration a nd, 2016). The essential piece of this entire method, such as making proficient yet capable occasion organize exhaustive online stages, sponsorships game plans for shows, scanning reasonable sellers for occasions, interfacing with occasion invitees by means of person to person communication will additionally make self-commitment. Significance of the occasion vision, experience and perception during the time spent arranging Occasion Vision While arranging an occasion, it is exceptionally huge to think about the significant aim of the occasion, its advantage and reason. Further, increasing an away from of the occasion will help with coordinating the way toward arranging adequately. Select the opportune chance to arrange an occasion, it is huge to consider that whether different occasions are rivaling occasion or not. With respect to the site, there is presence of various factors, comprehensive of the office accessibility, settlement, partners backing and transportation. Experience of Event supervisory groups As per the perspectives on Aydin, (2016) there is contribution of more than one individual in arranging an occasion. In the greater part of the cases, it is indispensable to set up a sorting out board of trustees and away from of jobs and obligations to the individuals from advisory group. Advisory group is required to designate an occasion supervisor to have all out command over occasion the board and the chief is answerable for the key bearings and choices. Perception through Event agenda For distributing jobs and duties to individuals from a sorting out board of trustees, advisory group ought to have an away from of the expanded components of the occasion comprehensive of transportation, correspondence, cordiality, scene, alongside this panel needs to consider cash taking care of, cooking, toilets, prizes and services. It is basic to keep up an agenda with respect to the exercises of occasion, which will additionally guarantee that all the things are done viably and satisfactorily. Funds and spending plans While setting up an occasion, it is critical that all the pay sources and expenses are secured, comprehensive of covered up and bolster costs. Prior to making spending plan, one has

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LPN vs. RN career Essay

Numerous understudies set off for college to acquire a degree, wether it be business,â nursing, hardware, or some more. The clinical ï ¬ eld is a very signiï ¬ cant ï ¬ eld, and where a ton of openings for work accessible. In the clinical ï ¬ eld an individual can have numerous assortments of assignment, and win a great deal of pay for their families. I for one need to turn into a RN which represents an enlisted nurture, and have some expertise in sedatives. Another assignment is a LPN which is an authorized down to earth nurture. LPNs and RNs have a great deal of likenesses and contrasts in their places of work, and study. These similitudes and contrasts would comprise of instruction, obligations, and the salary for the two occupations. The principle contrast between the LPN versus RN vocation way is the degree that isâ earned. RNs get an expert nursing degree, while LPNs get a viable nursing degree. An expert nursing degree contains much more courses, so it sets aside significantly longer effort to finish than a viable nursing degree. These course would comprise of significantly more math, science to acquire an expert nursing degree. In any case, with either decision the NCLEX test is required, and should be addressed accurately so as to turn out to be either a LPN or a RN. Instructively, LPN’s ought to go to one year of professional preparing to acquire their title. Enrolled attendants must go to nursing school for around two years to get their Associates Degree or four years to get their BSN. Another distinction is the obligations each title has. RNs teaches, treats, andâ depending on authorized findings patients. Typically, a RN assesses a patientâ to comprehend patients’ side effects. They structure a treatment design or change one. A RN additionally deals with a LPN and approves task including understanding consideration. RNs offer solace and guidance about taking care of a family individuals ailment. A LPN additionally help patients who are injured, sick or dealt with by a RN. The LPN ï ¬ nishes essential nursing obligations. They record patients’ stature, weight, circulatory strain, temperature, and heartbeat. They help patients with individual cleanliness, every day exercises, and rise in bed. The LPN may give patients food, in the event that they need assistance. Additionally, a LPN performs clinical obligations, for example, furnishing the patient with shots, evolving dressings, and direct clinical hardware. The last contrast among RNs and LPNs is how much salary they make. Despite the fact that pay rates can change extraordinarily for these occupations dependent on geology, types, extraordinary territories and different components, by and large, enrolled medical attendants are repaid more prominent in light of the fact that they are certify to take on additional patient consideration obligations. The national normal salary is somewhere in the range of $31,800 and $44,300 year for LPNs. Enrolled Nurses bring home normal livelihoods extending somewhere in the range of $46,500 and $66,800 every year. All in all, there are numerous contrast among LPNs and RNs. On the off chance that needing to get paid more I propose individuals go for their RN. LPNs are directly under a RN and get paid somewhat not exactly a RN. Working in the clinical ï ¬ eld is a magnificent activity and I recommend it to anybody. RN takes much additionally tutoring and more grounded instruction.

Security and Economic Revival Raise Hopes in the West Bank Essay Example for Free

Security and Economic Revival Raise Hopes in the West Bank Essay The New York Times article â€Å"Security and Economic Revival Raise Hopes in the West Bank† by Ethan Bonner covers the reappearance of the Palestinian-secured West Bank, explicitly in the city of Nablus, after a progression of wicked uprisings and experiences among radicals and Israeli powers. The Palestinian authority has been aching for power over their domains, and it has encountered its first suspicion that all is well and good and financial solidness since the subsequent Palestinian uprising broke out in 2000. It appears that the economy has settled so far as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) anticipated a seven percent development rate for the year 2009. A couple of framework ventures have additionally begun as reconstructing and rejuvenation of the West Bank zone proceeded. A cinema has opened and a seven-story outfitting store has begun activity as of late which demonstrates that the West Banks financial and security status has been balancing out. Only fourteen days prior, Israeli checkpoints have begun to close down and troops are bit by bit being pulled out from the region which are a piece of the Israels guarantee to help the Palestinian power. In any case, questions have been raised against this guarantee as Israel has not allowed Paltel, the Palestinian cellphone organization, to build arrange towers (Bronner, 2009). By a long shot, harmony and request has been obvious inside the West Bank. The two campsâ€Israel and Palestineâ€have been cooperating so as to settle the economy of the territory which is viewed as an imperative angle for the zones development. Security has additionally been an issue generally went to by the two camps since it likewise guarantees a consistent monetary development. On the off chance that both the economy and the security will be settled in the zone, there will be sufficient motivation to accept that the Palestinians will be sufficiently proficient to deal with the issues inside their regions. Since Israeli soldiers are step by step being pulled out, it demonstrates that trust is gradually being restored between the Israeli government and the Palestinian position, which is a decent sign for the two sides future relations. Up until now, the Palestinian communitiesâ€specifically Nablus, West Bankâ€has encountered a consistent development and a renewed suspicion that all is well and good. As known in earlier years, the contention between Israeli powers and fanatics has incredibly blocked monetary and political development inside Palestinian regions, particularly in the West Bank zone. The injuries of contention may have not been for all time deleted, however there is still trust in the Palestinian people group later on as the West Bank encounters solidness inside its neighborhood economy. Besides, the Palestinian authority has been available so as to address the nearby worries of the region, going to for the most part to the regions security. It might take a very long time before the economy has totally settled and the security has been completely settled, however starting at now, the territory has given extraordinary indications of progress when contrasted with earlier years. Individuals have had a sense of safety, structures are being built up and restored, and stores are being opened and revived. Networks are beginning to encountering development once more. References Bronner, E. (2009, July 16). Security and Economic Revival Raise Hopes in the West Bank. The New York Times. Recovered July 17, 2009, from http://www. nytimes. com/2009/07/17/world/middleeast/17westbank. html? ref=world.

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Weight cutting Essay - 275 Words

Weight cutting (Essay Sample) Content: Weight CuttingNameInstitutional affiliationDateWeight CuttingIntroduction The success of a national team is dependent on a coach trying to identify the correct features that athletes should possess. This is dependent on various attributes like weight, height, age, and talents. However, there are various attributes and skills like physiological that coaches lack to completely identify. A normal athlete is said to have less weight, much drawn looking, and lighter. Posture, stature, size and physiological factors greatly influence an athlete. The aspect of lesser weight has led to many athletes indulging themselves in various weight reduction practices (Davis, 2008 p 45). Some of these practices include weight cutting, an attribute that is harmful to the health of an athlete. This document is detailed in explaining how weight cutting influences the competitive nature of a person, and its effects on an athletes health. The paper also goes ahead to give detailed informatio n on how an athlete can use better methods of reducing weight. Weight cutting is a practice that is on the rise and being practiced by various athletes. Weight cutting is the process of rapid loss of weight before the start of a sporting competition (Mosley, Spencer, 2013 p 75). This process happens most frequently with a motive of qualifying for a lower class weight or in sports where they regard little weight as being advantageous. There are different methods of weight cutting including the loss of weight in regards to muscles and fats before an event, and the loss of weight in regards to water during the final days prior to the competition (Mosley, Spencer, 2013 p 77). Nutritionists warn that if weight cutting is done well, it can give an advantage in regards to winning, thus if it is done badly, it can lead to serious effects on the health of an athlete. The practice of weight cutting as explained by nutritionist is harmful to the health of an athlete. Additionally, nutritio nists say that weight cutting is not a practice that is recommended for athletes as it can lead to the death of an athlete. Some of the harmful effects attributed with this practice include brain injuries. This is an aspect that is caused by dehydration. Consequently, the loss of water in the body results to brain damage. This is led by the fact that they tend to become more susceptible to musculoskeletal, and tendons. This may spill over to brain injuries, and rapidly weakening their cardiovascular systems (Vaccariello, Jackson, 2012 p 83). Consequently, this is an aspect that makes it impossible for athletes to compete well, and may end up dying while in the competition. Doctors and nutritionists also warn that weight cutting could lead to temporal deafness. Additionally, nutritionists also state that athletes should be careful as they replenish their lost weight and water as they can consume beverages, which may lead to bloat. Admittedly, there are a number of ways through whic h athletes can use to reduce weight. Some of these methods include diet control. This is achieved through eating healthy. Generally, the loss of fats makes athletes attain a higher strength in regards to mass ratio or even achieve lean weight. Additionally, it means that less fats and more muscles will enhance and give them a competitive advantage over other athletes who weigh the same weight. The issue of supplementation is also important in the reduction of fats. Some of the various supplements that are necessary for fat reduction include Green tea. This tea is said to have an effect in the increment of metabolic rate. The acid called Conjugated linoleic, found in milk, lamb, beef, and cheese, is said to have an impact in the reduction of body fat in people who exercise (Davis, 2008 p 95). The other method, which is said to be a bit difficult, is the loss of fats, while retaining muscles. Athletes who desire to have a weight loss that is rapid can choose to eat low protein, with an aim of sacrificing their muscle mass. Consequently, this is an aspect that athletes fail to put in mind, as they aspire to maximize fat loss, while they minimize muscle loss. A better way when losing weight that enhances the minimization of muscle loss is resistance training (Vaccariello, Jackson, 2012 p 103). This is entitled when aerobic training is involved. However, the i...

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Transcending Ontological Uncertainty with Nietzsches Will to Power - Literature Essay Samples

This world is the will to power and nothing besides. And you yourself are also this will to power and nothing besides. Friedrich NietzscheHuman beings have struggled for centuries to explain their existence: some have thought it meaningless, others God-given. But since the Enlightenment, and the dawn of the Age of Reason, these questions have taken on a new quality. Philosophers, scientists and other great thinkers of the Enlightenment period promoted the power of reason as the force of progress. Through its application, the hierarchical rigidity of ideas like aristocracy and divine ordinance were replaced by individual freedom and rights. But in the time since this period, the Age of Reason has devolved to an era of insecurity, and we have arrived – confused, anxious, and uncertain – at modernity. Some have wondered, â€Å"Why has the generalizing of ‘sweet reason’ not produced a world subject to our prediction and control?† This is the lesso n we have learned: that the force of reason, and its attendant accumulation of knowledge and understanding, has its limits and its shortcomings.The modern problem, as Anthony Giddens identifies in his book The Consequences of Reason, is that the power of knowledge and reason has come up against a brick wall of uncertainty. It has become apparent that â€Å"no amount of accumulated knowledge about social life could encompass all circumstances of its implementation, even if such knowledge were wholly distinct from the environment to which it is applied.† It might have once been thought possible that reason could account for all circumstances, but we have since learned that it is not. This is the nature of risk. Despite the accuracy of our knowledge, and the agility of our reason, circumstance will not come under our control. We can never, and will never, conquer risk. During modernity, in the era following the great Age of Reason, reason does not have the power to overc ome uncertainty. â€Å"†¦The equation of knowledge with certitude has turned out to be misconceived.† Uncertainty is not a problem, on its own, but the particular threat of this modern uncertainty is that it arises from circumstances that we have created ourselves. Our environment of risk does not emanate so much from nature and warfare as it does from reflexive threats: threats – like the airplanes we invented flying into the skyscrapers we built – that we have had a hand in making. Here lies risk – that the airplane will fly into that building – at the center of our modern feelings of insecurity, an outcome of reason.Modern ontological insecurity comes from this promise of reason as a source of legitimacy and power, and its failure to deliver absolute certainty. The tension between reason’s promise and its inability to conquer circumstances of our own creation is a source of metaphysical angst. Giddens identifies two mechani sms we use to combat that angst and provide for normal function. Being â€Å"constantly and consciously anxious†¦would paralyze ordinary day-to-day life.† So, knowing that these risks are outside of our control, we conjure a â€Å"vague and generalized sense of trust in distant events,† a feeling of fate that helps us prevent these events from occupying the forefront of our minds. Fate emerges out of modern anxiety as a way to avoid a sense of existential dread about the risks we face, and a method for carrying on with the day-to-day tasks of living life.According to Giddens, this final contradiction – of a purportedly rational society employing a sense of fate to combat the insecurity it feels as a result of circumstances which are outside its control but of its own creation – is what informs the quality of modernity. It ensures that we remain riders, not drivers, of the juggernaut. It is also, apparently, inescapable because our efforts to a ccumulate more knowledge and employ the force of reason against this uncertainty only circle back against us: â€Å"New knowledge (concepts, theories, findings) [do] not simply render the social world more transparent, but [alter] its nature, spinning it off in novel directions.† The more firmly we grasp onto knowledge about the world, the faster that world changes. For example, suppose that a woman getting married in New York City today knows that she faces about a 50% chance of divorce. This statistic, while having no actual bearing on an individual woman’s chances of staying happily married changes how she thinks about her future in comparison to a woman who knows nothing about her chances of divorce. Though we may try, â€Å"we cannot seize ‘history’ and bend it readily to our collective purposes.† In this way, knowledge actually contributes to further uncertainty, heightening those circumstances we are powerless to affect.According to th e model that Giddens lays out of the conflict between rationality and fate, and our inability to exact agency of over the unstoppable juggernaut of modernity – modern agents are relatively powerless. But there is another perspective: a way of reorienting ourselves with respect to modern circumstances that might strengthen our tenuous grip on the juggernaut.If we are in search of a sort of transcendence of the modern paradigm – a way in which we might come to terms with its juggernaut nature, and discern some agency for ourselves – it might seem unusual to turn to Friedrich Nietzsche, known for his rejection of morality and truth (a rejection he shares with the doctrine of nihilism). But Nietzsche’s brand of nihilism evolves from his interpretation of truth as an unfixed, evolving phenomena. If we trace the evolution of his thought it becomes clear that he rejects the metaphysical in order to ground us more firmly in the here-and-now. This grounding g ives rise to the source of will to power, the force that Nietzsche believes to be responsible for the greatest of human projects. Only when we embrace his vision does it become clear that, rather than evoking life’s meaninglessness, Nietzsche’s way of thought illuminates a path through which we might begin to steer the juggernaut.While certain of Nietzsche’s philosophical ideas overlap with nihilism, they do not originate from the same assumption. Nihilism posits life is devoid of meaning, while Nietzsche is more concerned with the nature of the facts and knowledge that give rise to belief in metaphysical ideas. He insists: â€Å"In so far as the word ‘knowledge’ has any meaning, the world is knowable; but it is interpretable otherwise, and has no meaning behind it, but countless meanings.† This is Nietzsche’s rejection of absolute truth – because only real-world, tangible things that present themselves before us are eviden t, and it is not justifiable to interpret beyond what is evident. Therefore, knowledge is not fixed or immutable, but fluid and subject to change: just as life, itself, is constantly evolving. Using the metaphor of life as a painting, Nietzsche further explains:†¦this painting – that which we men call life and experience – has gradually become, and is indeed still fully in process of becoming, and should thus not be regarded as a fixed magnitude from which one might draw a conclusion as to the originator (the sufficient reason)†¦ There is a motion to existence, in both its distinct past and prospective future. Since â€Å"life and experience† have always been and continue to be in the process of changing, it is unreasonable to â€Å"draw a conclusion† above or beyond what is certain. Here, we can see that Nietzsche does not reject the metaphysical for the purpose of declaring life meaningless: according to his way of thinking, and rigorous methods of thought, there is simply no justification for believing in it. The instability of claims to knowledge is precisely the same phenomenon that Giddens argues is central to modernity’s inherent insecurity. Nothing we know or believe is stable because it is always subject to change. In this context, Nietzsche can help to explain where modern insecurity comes from:Look, isn’t our need for knowledge precisely this need for the familiar, the will to uncover everything strange, unusual, and questionable something that no longer disturbs us? Is it not the instinct of fear that bids us to know? And is the jubilation of those who attain knowledge not the jubilation over the restoration of a sense of security? If knowledge produces security, then it is easy to see why an era in which knowledge is not certain is an era of great uncertainty. â€Å"Reflexively applied knowledge† is metaphysically empty because, in modern times, â€Å"the equation of knowledge w ith certitude has turned out to be misconceived,† and thus knowledge is not necessarily productive of absolute truth. When our quest for certain or absolute knowledge is unsuccessful, so do our feelings of insecurity overwhelm us.Nietzsche circumvents this dilemma by denying the necessity of the very claims to absolute knowledge that we find at the center of our modern insecurity. According to his conception, there is nothing beyond this life and this experience that could serve as a standard – not morals, not truth, and not God – and thus any search for metaphysical truth is in vain. In light of this conception, the only alternative to nihilism, and the only option for Nietzsche (who believes in nothing beyond the here-and-now) is to identify some force at the center of the world he characterizes. To Nietzsche, the answer is clear; human history has been the expression of will to power. In its greatest conquests, of war and empires, and its highest achieve ments, of art and culture, humanity has been discharging its power. Nietzsche explains his conception at the end of Will to Power:And do you know what ‘the world’ is to me? Shall I show it to you in my mirror? This world: a monster of energy, without beginning, without end; a firm, iron magnitude of force that does not grow bigger or smaller, that does not expend itself but only transforms†¦This world is the will to power – and nothing besides! And you yourselves are also this will to power – and nothing besides! This both exemplifies the central position of power in Nietzsche’s vision of the world, and demonstrates how that vision excludes claims to absolute knowledge that give rise to modern insecurity. The world is not simply the will to power, it is nothing besides. Every action, every creation, every triumph and every failure is an expression of this fundamental force. And because our world â€Å"only transforms† – it is without beginning or end, it neither grows nor shrinks, and yet contains an enormous amount of force and energy the only things we can be sure of are those that exist now, here, right in front of us.It now seems possible to reconcile the insecurity arising from the juggernaut-like quality of modernity with Nietzsche’s vision of a positive will to power. In his explication of such a will, one which (as James Der Derian explains) is â€Å"an active and affective force of becoming, from which values and meanings†¦are produced which affirm life,† Nietzsche directs us away from our fear of insecurity. Such a fear, at the root of modern ontological anxiety, is what motivates our pursuit of knowledge. It is â€Å"the instinct of fear that bids us to know.† Nietzsche directs us to the dawn of a new era, beyond the Age of Reason, where we do not long to pin down that which is not certain or predictable, but employ our will in activities that engage the wor ld around us in a healthy way. This is a vision of life as a painting, still in the process of being unrolled. As Nietzsche says, â€Å"that which we men call life and experience – has gradually become, is indeed still fully in process of becoming†¦Ã¢â‚¬  It is misguided, therefore, to search for a fixed principle as a means of generalizing about existence. Instead, our efforts should embrace that force – power – which Nietzsche views as the fundamental drive of all humanity. To do so is to embrace a positive will to power: that act of â€Å"becoming† which, like art, is a creative process directed towards something constructive. We create our own lives, we will our own existence, and do not become victims of the modern forces – like insecurity or uncertainty – to which modern circumstances might make us slaves.Understood in this way, as a guiding philosophy of existence that grounds us in reality, Nietzsche’s will to po wer is the antidote to the disembedded, uncertain, anxious society that we have become. He directs our focus away from feelings that are rooted in a search for metaphysical security by claiming that there is none to be found. While it denies the metaphysical, his philosophy occupies the same transcendent plain, albeit in a real-world fashion. Nietzsche denies Giddens’ juggernaut by refusing to acknowledge any inherent order or disorder within the universe. But there is still tension between the nihilism of a perspective that denies any absolute truth, and the transcendent demension of the will to power. Thus, Nietzsche’s philosophy retains a paradox, preventing it from hardening into a didactic doctrine. It remains an experiment in reorienting ourselves away from the uncertainties of the modern world.BibliographyDer Derian, James. â€Å"The Value of Security: Hobbes, Marx, Nietzsche, and Baudrillard.† On Security. Ed. Ronnie D. Lipshutz. New York: Columbia University Press, 1995, 24-45.Giddens, Anthony. The Consequences of Modernity. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press 1990.Nietzsche, Friedrich. Human, All Too Human. Translated and edited by R.J. Hollindale. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996.Nietzsche, Friedrich. Will to Power: An Attempted Transvaluation of All Values. Translated by Anthony M. Ludovici. Edinburgh: T.N. Foulis, 1910.Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, Bernard Arthur Owen Williams, Josefine Nauckhoff, and Adrian Del Caro. The Gay Science: With a Prelude in German Rhymes and an Appendix of Songs. Cambridge texts in the history of philosophy. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 2001.

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The Impact Of President Obamas Foreign Policy - 1354 Words

On Friday January 20th 2017, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States and his inauguration ended the eight year presidency of Barack Obama. One of the cornerstones of the Obama administration’s foreign policy was its tactics in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. From the early days in his presidency, Obama had to make life or death decisions on drone strikes designed to prevent terrorist attacks and over the course of his presidency the frequency of these drone strikes began to increase (Klaidman, 2012; Stone, 2017). The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the United States (US) military currently launch drone strikes eight countries including the following: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen,†¦show more content†¦By increasing the number of drone strikes, the Trump administration is only working against its goal of defeating terrorist organizations within the MENA region (Homer-Dixon, 2001; Schirch, n.d). Finally, the large n umber of countries that the US launches strikes in, has created radical groups all around the world. The US is currently engaged in more conflicts that anytime since the cold war: a direct result of the US drone program (Parsons Hennigan, 2017). As the Trump administration increases the number of drone strikes it launches, it is fuelling the conditions that breed conflicts (Homer-Dixon, 2001). Overall, the Trump administration is continuing conflicts in at least eight countries with its drone strikes and will increase the intensity of these conflicts if they continue to launch strikes at the present rate. Body Paragraph 2 In 2011, the CIA relabelled so called ‘signature strikes’ where young military age males are targeted in drone strikes without evidence of terrorist activities. These activities could be something as mundane as doing jumping jacks. Nevertheless, the CIA says that these types of people could be training for terrorist missions and conducts â€Å"terrorist-attack-disruption strikes (TADS)† against them (Klaidman, 2012). However, these people do not count asShow MoreRelatedReflection Of The Obama Doctrine1662 Words   |  7 PagesDoctrine† At the end of their term, each president is subject to critique regarding their competency in office. One important aspect that is heavily looked at is their legacy in the arena of foreign relations. Presidents are remembered for the impact they have made to the world for better or for worse. An example of this can be Franklin D. Roosevelt and George W. Bush. Both are former presidents of the United States who are known for their impact in international relations, in the wake of anRead MoreBarack Obama s Accomplishments And Challenges Essay1718 Words   |  7 PagesPresident Barack Obama is seen as one of the most controversial presidents in the recent U.S. history. This paper will examine Obama s legacy by introducing his background prior to the white House; analyze Obama’s major accomplishments and challenges in the past 8 years. As well as examines the internal opposition force from the other branches of the government Obama faced when conducting domestic policy. Obama was born on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a white mother from Kansas, StanleyRead MoreMidterm Elections : Midterm Election1665 Words   |  7 Pagesreflection of the effectiveness and popularity of the incumbent president. Invariably, the party that does not control the White House is usually in favor of winning the midterm elections, with very few exceptions. For example, in the 1986 elections, President Reagan was convinced that Republicans would maintain a majority in the House of Representatives. However, voters overwhelmingly chose the Democrats who took control of the U.S. Senate. President Clinton had a similar experience in an election that wasRead MoreBarack Obama s President Of The United States1264 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst African-American president of the United States of America was born in the State of Hawaii where he grew up. His grandparents raised him up from a humble background. The presidency of Obama began on 20th January in the year 2009 after he was sworn in as the 44th president of United States of America. Before unveiling his ambition of vying for the top seat, Barack Obama was the Illinois senator in United States. Obama’s presidency came about as a result of succeeding President George Bush. Bush’sRead MoreWoodrow Wilson s Accomplishments And Failures1691 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstand the successes and failures of the 28th president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, it is essential to define the image he portrayed to the American population during his presidency. Many Americans and historians will claim he was a man of impartiality and the one who led America into WWI. He had a very solid influence on Congress for the many domestic and foreign affair policies he endorsed. The goal is to illustrate how President Woodrow Wilson ran his presidency in the eyes of theRead MoreThe United States And The Civil Rights Movement903 Words   |  4 PagesBeginning in the 1960’s the growing strength of the civil rights movement struck the attention of political figures that influenced calls to reform the U.S. immigration policy. In the 1920’s immigration was based on the national-origins quota system. The system assigned each nationality a quota, which res tricted immigration on the basis of existing proportions of the population due to its representation in past U.S. census figures. The goal of the quota system was to maintain the existing ethnicRead MoreLeadership : The Public Policy Process1299 Words   |  6 PagesRunning Head: LEADERSHIP 1 Leadership in the Public Policy Process Sharon Lockhart Foundations of Public Administration/PPA601 Dr. LaQuita Gray-Baker April 3, 2017Read MoreEssay about Iran Engagement Policy Option1643 Words   |  7 Pagesfocus of this paper is an analysis on an Iranian engagement policy option outlined in the CSIS Report â€Å"The Gulf Kaleidoscope: Reflections on the Iranian Challenge†. The international relations theory of liberalism is applied using the tenets of economic interdependence and democratic transparency. For three decades, exchanges between the United States and Iranian diplomats have been tactical, not strategic. There are various policy options that can be utilized effectively and strategically toRead MoreLets Rock the Informed Vote: Barack Hussein Obama1091 Words   |  5 PagesThe incumbent 44th President of the United States is my preferential candidate of choice for the upcoming November, 2012 Presidential election. Dissecting his views and actions on a variety of topical policy issues will illustrate that my support for my candidate is on target. Furthermore, data will show success of Obama’s policies. Leading economists, including New York University’s Mark Gertler called the economic climate Obama inherited â€Å"one of the worst financial crisis since the Great DepressionRead MoreThe National Security Strategy : An Evaluation Of International Relations Theories Essay899 Words   |  4 Pagesagainst foreign state and non-state actors. Although, the Libera list theory permeates the Obama administration’s documented strategy within the NSS, in a realist fashion the document defines the primary American interest as, security of the country, its citizens, and its partners. Liberalism has a negative impact on national security, as the theory does not sufficiently address future threats to a states’ sovereignty. Through the lens of liberalism, the U.S. national strategy and policy is advantageous